We love do-it-yourself, old crafts, good quality, new ideas and a whole lot more – and furthermore we love each other. We are Rikke and Jens, and we are the couple behind SVANLUND.

SVANLUND is geographically located in Aarhus, and it is here we develop and craft our products. Passion and curiosity for old crafts and being creative is something that characterizes us both.

One of the turning points for SVANLUND became something as simple as an heirloom – a handmade leather product from a grandparent. This made us dream of the possibility to create products where both design and quality allow the products to have a long lifetime with our customers and perhabs some would even be so fortunate as to become heirlooms.
Although we of course hope that our products will be appreciated for many years, the goal for now is to create high quality products that allow our customers to add a little luxury to their everyday lives.